May 17, 2018

Bike To School Week

There’s nothing better than biking to school!  It’s lots of fun!  It’s great exercise!   And best of all, it’s an eco-friendly way to get around the community! So, grab your bike, scooter or skateboard and participate in these Bike-To-School Week activities - May 28 - June 1, 2018

Stickers!  Bike to school on Monday morning and get a cool bike sticker.  Then everyone will know that you LOVE biking! 

Breakfast!  Bike to school on Tuesday morning and enjoy a tasty, homemade mini-muffin.  Biking and baking… a great way to start your day!

Decorate!  Bike to school on Wednesday morning and make your bicycle helmet look cool.  Come early so you have enough time to decorate your helmet.


Art!  Bike to school on Thursday morning and help us create a BIG bike painting.  This painting will be displayed outside our school to remind everyone in our community to bike more often. 

Prizes!  Are you feeling lucky?  Bike to school on Friday morning and enter a draw to win some cool bike prizes.  Good luck! 

May 09, 2018


Wow!  Bag2school was a big success.  So many Jackman families participated.  They dropped off their bags of unwanted clothing and textiles at school this morning.  

The bag2school truck arrived at 12:30 and the eco team helped load hundreds of bags onto the truck.  Thanks eco team!  

In the end, our donation was weighed to discover that we had... drum roll please... a whopping 1438 kilograms!  

That's a lot of textiles diverted from landfill.  Our campaign motto has been... "REUSING and RECYCLING is WAY better than landfill."   But do you know what's better than reusing and recycling?   REDUCING!   Maybe our community needs to commit to reducing the number of textiles we purchase.   

One things for sure, we'll 'bag2school' again next year!  Here are some pics of today's event, so find a little corner in your basement where you can store unwanted textiles for next year's event.  Here are some pics of today's bag2school event:

May 04, 2018

Live Green - Vivez vert

At Jackman, we aspire to 'Live green' / 'Vivez vert'.  And now we have a special reminder of that.    A new mural has been created at school to express our eco aspirations.   Local artist, Cindy Scaife, worked with the eco team to paint an eco mural inside Jackman's first floor hallway.  Next time you're at Jackman, come in and take a look.   Until then, here's a little preview...


May 03, 2018

Bag 2 School

We want to remind you about our Bag2School project.   We hope everyone will bring their unwanted clothes and textiles to school. 

The Bag2School organization will REUSE textiles and clothing by giving them to a Second Hand Store (such as Value Village).   The will also RECYCLE textiles and clothing to make them into other things (like pillow stuffing).

REUSING and RECYCLING is WAY better than LANDFILL, don't you think?

But, you need to know that this is a ONE DAY ONLY event and that day is Wednesday, May 9th, 8 - 10am.

So, take some time this weekend to search through your wardrobes, drawers and closets.  Put the unwanted clothes and textiles you no longer want in some bags.  All kinds of textiles are accepted.   Clothes, towels, linens.   Even shows, backpacks, bags, purses and belts.   

Then, on May 9, drop them off outside the front of the school.   There will be signs posted to show you exactly where to drop off your bags.

Thanks for your interest in the Bag2School project.   Let's send less to Toronto's Landfill.   Let's lessen our impact on the environment.

May 01, 2018

Earth Week Wrap Up

That's a wrap... Earth Week at Jackman was a big success!   

Monday was for sidewalk chalk drawing... but with the ground covered in snow and ice, we decided maybe it would be best to save the chalk drawing for another eco event. 

On Tuesday, kids planted sunflower seeds in tiny pots.  They took their seeds home to care for them and watch them grow.   

On Wednesday, kids played eco- inspired games. There was  Bowling, Ball Toss, Beach Balls, Parachutes, Waste Sorting Relays and Bubbles!   Fun had by all!

On Thursday, we hosted a pollinator picnic, sharing fresh fruit and veggie snacks with each other.  Needless to say, the food was devoured!   A special 'shout-out' to the bees who made this all possible and to the parents who donated food for our event.   ;-)

Thursday was also our Earth Day assembly.   The whole school enjoyed a skit performed by Jackman's eco team.  They were inspired by Mr. Cressman's speech - encouraging kids to take action to heal the earth.   Mr. Cappel also led us in a sing-along of Big Yellow Taxi - amazing!

On Friday, kids made some fridge magnets with "Every day is Earth Day" messages.  Now families will be reminded to be eco all year long!  

Friday was also the day for our community clean up.   We scoured the neighbourhood looking for litter to pick up.  Thanks to all the classes who participated.  

Now you know, Earth Week at Jackman was jam packed full of engaging activities.  

April 24, 2018

An Eco Team Story to Share With You

Here's a story for you.  Jackman's eco team was busy preparing for Earth Day.  The eco team kids really wanted to perform a skit at the Earth Day assembly.  So, they got right to work and wrote a great script... a story about a sick Earth interacting with two caring nurses.  So I said, "Nurse costumes... no problem.  We can figure that out.  But an Earth costume?!?!   That's kind of hard, don't you think?"   Still, the kids were determined.   So we investigated online, and since it's not Halloween, there weren't many Earth costumes available to purchase.  Still not giving up.  We investigated online some more and figured out that we could make our own Earth costume.  All we needed was a big balloon (and I mean BIG), lots of newspaper, some paper mache and some blue and green paint.  We gathered the materials and got right to work.  I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story.  

Bye-Bye Litter

Bye-bye litter!   Hello clean neighbourhood!  Once again, Jackman participated in the annual Toronto Community Clean Up.  Many classes... hundreds of kids... helped clean up our community by picking up the litter on local streets. 

Look at what we discovered...

- too many smokers are littering their cigarette butts and cigarette packaging (sigh)
- we found lots of single serving beverage containers like water bottles, cans, coffee cups, soft drink cups (these could have/should have been recycled)
- we picked up lots of dirty papers (too dirty to recycle)
- there was also lots of plastic bags (possibly blown around by the wind)
- we even found... a broken bike lock, a bottle of motor oil, some house shingles, some gloves, a dirty diaper and someone's lunch (strange, but true)
We wish our world could be litter free, but until it is, we've got a job to do and we're happy to pitch in.     Check out these litter picking pics...